What’s happening at your grocery store?

What is happening at the grocery store this week?A few retailers have had issues with their supply chain.Here are some of the big stories: •Amazon: The online retailer has had a problem with its supply chain that could affect shipments from Florida and Texas.Some customers may not be able to pick up their groceries because […]

How to avoid being ripped off by the world’s biggest grocery store chain

How to Avoid Being Ripped Off by the World’s Biggest Grocery Store Chain article It’s a pretty straightforward trick, right?When you buy groceries at a big grocery store like Kroger or Safeway, you’re buying food at a grocery store that’s owned by the supermarket chain that sells the groceries.But, that’s not always the case.The biggest […]

When you don’t want to see this on the news, here’s how to avoid it

The United States is on track to be the biggest loser from the latest round of Hurricane Harvey relief.The hurricane is expected to pass in the middle of next week and be headed toward Florida by Friday.That’s when we’ll see if it’s still the worst-hit area.We’ve seen the effects of hurricanes before.The storm wiped out […]