What’s happening at your grocery store?

What is happening at the grocery store this week?A few retailers have had issues with their supply chain.Here are some of the big stories: •Amazon: The online retailer has had a problem with its supply chain that could affect shipments from Florida and Texas.Some customers may not be able to pick up their groceries because […]

Kalispell – The best places to shop for groceries in Tennessee

KALISPOLLO, Tenn.– The grocery store in your front yard is probably stocked with a wide variety of products, but if you’re shopping at the back, you may be surprised to see a handful of specialty items.Here’s what to look for in a Kalispoo grocery store.1.All of the specialty products have a shelf life of about […]

What’s halal food and why you should eat it

Halal food is what’s kosher in Islam, and the word “halal” means “permissible” in Arabic.The phrase “halah” means that the food is safe to eat.Halal refers to food that’s not made by animals.You don’t have to be Muslim to eat halal foods.Some Muslims use the word as a synonym for kosher.However, some halal products are […]

How do you save on groceries? A guide to grocery store closures

The grocery chain grocery stores are closing.But what can you do?How to find a store close to you that’s still open:  If you are in Toronto or Mississauga, the closest grocery store is on a small street near the city centre.You can find it by following signs that say “Bakery, Grocery, or Retail”.You can also […]