When the #Berkeley #FoodBiz is going out of business, it’ll be a ‘big deal’ for Latinos

On January 4, the Berkeley Food and Wine Market closed its doors.Its loss is not the only loss the city has seen in its food sector.It is a loss for Latino communities.For decades, Berkeley has been a center of food-producing innovation, attracting companies like Nestlé, Cargill, and Kraft to help create and sell their food […]

What the experts think about Chicago grocery stores’ new dress code

RUSSELLVILLE, Ill.— Chicago grocery stores have been trying to make a big statement with a new dress-code policy, which requires shoppers to wear skirts, dresses or shorts on some store property.The policy, announced in February, sparked controversy and protests, but the city has now made some changes.The rules were supposed to go into effect Jan. […]