A woman who got a job at a Minneapolis grocery store says she’s ‘terrified’ of the job search

A Minnesota woman who has worked for several years at a Minnesota grocery store said she’s terrified of the search for a new job because her salary has not been enough to cover living expenses.Kathy Wiesenfeld, 43, said she has been a manager at the Minneapolis-based Whole Foods for six years and has earned $80,000 […]

Which Indian restaurant is best?

New Delhi: A new list of the best Indian restaurants has been released by a food magazine.The list has come out at the end of February in which restaurants across the country were ranked on various factors.It was published in the latest edition of The Hindu, which is an Indian newspaper which focuses on food […]

Why is Amazon’s Alexa still on the verge of a massive meltdown?

The US Department of Justice on Monday announced that it has filed charges against Amazon over the shooting of a grocery store employee at the Ace Hardware store in suburban St. Louis, Missouri.In a statement, the DOJ said that the incident that led to the murder of a store employee was “a violent, unprovoked attack.”“The […]